Attaining Undivided Focus – Making Everyday The Day Before The Exam

Have you ever wondered why you were able to read a complete book in a single day just before the exam ? I think you know the answer to that. Some of us might thing that it is because of the fear of the exam. But, that is not entirely true. Definitely, fear is a tremendous motivator. The problem with that is, it is not permanent. The motivation caused by fear will fade away as soon as you get accustomed to the fear. The most important thing is that you can not live in fear your whole life that defeats the very purpose of living itself which is being happy. A part of motivation that drives us before the exam is the fact that the clock is ticking and you know that the clock is ticking. Actually the clock is ticking all the time, but you will observe it only during this period because there is a target that you need to attain before the deadline. When the clock is ticking and you know that there is a deadline, you achieve great things within a very short period of time. Most of you have experienced this very fact for many times in your life. Whenever there is a product launch or a presentation, you work more efficiently with more focus and you will achieve the targets at a rapid rate.

This leads to an important question. Can we live a life that involves running all the time ? If we do so, would it not defeat the very purpose of life ? So, what is the solution to this problem ? In order to solve this problem, you must first understand your priorities in life. Understand what is the most important thing in your life and then the next most important thing and so on. Once you know all the things that are important to you in life, divide your available time into chunks of equal size and assign the time chunks to those important things in your life according to their priorities in appropriate ratios. Keep a timer visible to you all the time. Keep the timer ticking all the time and keep it visible to you all the time. You work more efficiently when there is a clock ticking in front of you.

Put aside anything other than the present task for which the current time chunk is assigned for. Remember, there is a time chunk assigned for entertainment, Facebook and others too. If all the tasks do not fit in a single day, span your time table across two or more days.

Also, you need to maintain a record of how many time chunks you have consumed for a specific task and match that with the priority you assigned to that task. You are the master of your own life. These are simple solutions that come to your mind when you think. So, know the importance of thinking and keep thinking and find solutions to your problems and others alike. All the knowledge in this world is born of someone’s mind just like yours. You have the same potential and means to do the same and even more. So, keep thinking..

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